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October 2008 - Steppin it up again with three new international recordings as well as a new weekly slot on Dutch national radio! Cape Verde, Angola, Tanzania and the rest of the continent are well served in this episode.

In this show, we introduce new member to the African hip hop radio family, dj Dona from Kenya, currently dwelling in the States. Revoltod invites Cabo-Dutch artists Black Wolture and Concept to his studio for an interview and exclusive freestyles and Cavera serves up a platter of hand-picked Angolan real school tracks.

Meanwhile, GMB, J4 & Threesixty are back with their regular show. After doing a monthly show for public radio channel NPS Lijn5, they have been 'bought out' together with the other Lijn5 shows to do their weekly programs on a different station! From October 2008, their show will be live on Fun-X (cable radio and internet stream, in Dutch language) every thursday from 20 to 23 hrs (GMT+1). If you wish to listen on a weekly basis, tune in live on thursdays at or listen to archived shows at

Dj Dona from Kenya has acquired quite some fame through his non-stop series of mixtapes of East African hip hop. Apart from Kenyan genge and other local genres he's also schooled in Bongo flava, the Tanzanian poppy hip hop that has ruled the East African charts in the past five years and continues to do so. This set is strictly TZ bongo flava & hip hop!

Playlist for the October 2008 dj Dona show (popup)

Revoltod, our Cape Verdean correspondent, is currently operating from Rotterdam, the Netherlands (home of a large expatriate C.V. community). He plays new Cabo tracks and invites rappers Black Wolture and Concept into the studio for a chat and a freestyle.

Playlist for the October 2008 Revoltod show (popup)

Cavera plays a shitload of new music including a track by Cape Town-based group Stereotypes and the 'Stop Xenophobia' posse cut in response to the violence aimed at foreigners that plagued SA earlier this year.

Playlist for the October 2008 Cavera show (popup)

GMB, J4 and Threesixty: their first show at Fun-X features a surprise guest feature by Madcon, a bunch of new tracks (think Kalibrados, Esau Mwamwaya and the track Keith Murray recorded in South Africa with the son of the late Brenda Fassie) and a dj mix by Threesixty in the 3rd hour, as well as a special report by Ghetto Radio reporter Angel in Nairobi (Kenya).

Playlist for the October 2008 GMB, J4 & Threesixty show (popup)

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The shows
Those with limited time or patience can also listen to each show on its own:
Dona (Kenya/USA)
Revoltod (Cape Verde/Netherlands)
Cavera (Angola/South Africa)
GMB, J4, Threesixty (1st hour)
GMB, J4, Threesixty (2nd hour)
GMB, J4, Threesixty (3rd hour)

Click here to download GMB, J4 and Threesixty's October update (mp3, size: 164 mb)

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