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To make up for the long silence last spring, African hip hop radio is back for the second update this summer (or winter, for those below the equator). Four more hours of mostly new and as yet unplayed tracks from all over the African continent.

Photo left: Wendy from Gabon
So what IS new? Apart from waiting next to our PO Box (Po Box 10804, 1001 EV Amsterdam, Holland) for new promos to drop, we were also watching the User Uploads section. While a new top 20 of user uploads is in the making, Drew & J4 play a couple of highlights. Then we met up with Saian Supa Crew, France's Largest hip hop crew who gave us an exclusive interview (in French, for those who were waiting for us to finally develop that side of the website). We also flew out to Gabon (West Africa) to attend this year's edition of Gabao Hip Hop, the biggest annual hip hop fest in the region, and returned with a couple of dope cuts from Gabon and Cameroon.

Then we're more than pleased to welcome a new dj in our ever expanding pan-African team: Wanlov from Ghana, who presents a whole new show of tunes from Ghana as well as Nigeria and Liberia.
Those waiting for the Emmanuel Jal interview will need a bit of patience as we will include it in next show, as well as a studio session with a number of emcees from Nairobi, Kenya who represent the school of real hip hop.
Also next show we will have a new update from Karim & Sphinx from Cairo, Egypt.

Drew & J4 go to Gabon; J4 talks about his encounters with the likes of Krotal (Cameroon) who was one of the performing artists at the region's biggest hip hop festival. Meanwhile, Senami & Amal went out to meet Saian Supa Crew members Sly the Mic Buddha and Feniksi. They speak about their origins, their inspirations and their view on the potential of the African continent in international hip hop.

Maluka comes with the usual handpicked selection of totally rare but brilliant tracks from South Africa, and finally speaks to Jitsfinger and Writer's Block (that's Big Dre's group, the old school heads will remember him not only for being a deejay but also for maintaining the Geto3000 hip hop site back in the late 90's) who also bring a couple of unreleased joints along.

Wanlov introduces us to what has almost become a missing link on the website: the beautiful country of Ghana and its vibrant hip hop and hiplife scene! After our correspondent Rab the International moved back from Accra, we didn't have Ghana updates for a while. Now Wanlov is back with the good sounds to let you know how urban Ghana has been, and whatever happened to Reggie Rockstone?

If you thought dj Cavera C had gone missing, think again - after having some internet trouble preventing him from uploading his latest show, he finally managed to send it and the show can be heard right here. One of the new joints is from a compilation album by Angolan emcees based in Cape Town, S.A.

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Wanlov (Ghana/USA)
Maluka (Cape Town, South Africa)
Cavera C (Angola/South Africa)