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January 2008 - To kick off 2008, also known as the eleventh year in the life of, we are back with an extra long show from the headquarters. The presenting team of Drew & Juma4 is expanded with two new members who already contributed extensively to the African hip hop stable.

Dizzy K Falola: Africa's first emcee?
Cover of his 1982 record 'Excuse me baby'

Dj Threesixty is not new to the game: back in the nineties he produced tracks on the albums of Freestyle Fellowship and Outsidaz, and more recently he worked with Redman as well as African hip hop groups like Wa BMG44 from Senegal and X Plastaz from Tanzania. He currently has dj residencies in Germany and Switzerland and works on an album of his own group, Bamba Nazar and the Pilgrimage. Co-presenter GMB, from Cape Verdean origin living in the Netherlands has been pursueing an mc carreer and last year put out his first album, to much critical acclaim. In 2006, he came in second in GPVNL, the most prestigious national urban music competition.

Drew, Juma4, GMB and dj Threesixty present a show full of new goodies from a pan-African perspective, introducing the new albums of Kah (Kenya), Zaki and Sky 189 (South Africa) and African hip hop radio's own, dj Wanlov. A couple of exclusives including a lost Nigerian rap from 1982 by Dizzy K, an unreleased Terror Mc track, new work from Stopa and Watengwa (Tanzania), Sway (UK/Ghana) and the original and very expensive (Ghanaian) record sampled on a track by Detroit rapper Guilty Simpson.

Playlist for the January 2008 Pan-African show (popup)

By now, Wanlov is already settled back in Ghana. The current non-stop dj mix is one of the last things he did before packing his bags! Our dj Lee from South Africa also met up with him in Accra for the Channel O Sprite Emcee Africa show, stay tuned for the full report on

Playlist for the January 2008 Wanlov Show (popup)

Thanks to: Alwatan Kwele (USA), Luca - (Tanzania), Uchenna (With Comb & Razor), PJ (Uptoyoutoo), Aevenger, Districtsix music, all the forum users and the artists who sent us their cd's (, PO Box 10804, 1001 EV Amsterdam, the Netherlands).

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Wanlov (Accra, Ghana)

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