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October 2007 - September and October are traditionally good months for new album releases because summer holidays in the northern hemisphere are over, and people are back at work. Even though the digital era has revolutionized the music industry, this year we still ended up with a nice pile of high quality diaspora releases.

Baloji (Belgium/Congo) (Photo by Nicolas Karakatsanis)

Last month we already premiered the new Zimbabwe Legit album which is out now. For October we can add, among others, Baloji (Congo/Belgium), Goreala (Kenya), M.anifest (Ghana/USA), and dj Green Lantern's African mixtape which accompanies the God's Own Country dvd.

This show also marks the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, and even though we are a bit late for the eid festivities, the studios in Hilversum (Netherlands) and Cairo (Egypt) celebrated the event together with guests Goreala & Projekt (Kenya) and Omarz (Lebanon, currently in Egypt).

In Holland, J4 ran into Goreala, the Kenyan emcee who visited Amsterdam for the release party to his album 'Metaphor za mtaa', with beats by French producer Boula One. He joined in the studio together with mc Projekt, who can be heard on some of the tracks on the album, and Nienke, the Dutch lady who set up a recording studio through her NGO, Uptoyoutoo, to support emcee talent hidden in Nairobi's slums.

They talk about the album, politics, the Nairobi studio and freestyle over both hip hop, reggae and dancehall beats. J4 plays new and exclusive tracks by the likes of graffiti artist/emcee Docta (Senegal), Blind Alphabetz (UK), Artistikal Legion (Comores), X Plastaz (Tanzania) and more...

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The long awaited new show by Karim & Sphynx is here! Right after Ramadan they drop their round-up of new tracks from Egypt and all over the middle east, and for the occasion Sphinx came up with the name 'Middle Beast Radio'. Special guest in the studio is Omarz, an artist from Lebanese-Egyptian parents who spent the past 10 years in Lebanon. The middle eastern country has in the past decade been through more wars than most of us will ever witness, and Omarz breaks it down to us without any attempt at self-censorship to help his carreer - he'd rather stay true to his audience. Karim & Sphinx also play new and exclusive tunes by Salah Edin, Eslam Jawaad, Arabian Knightz and of course Omarz.

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