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September 2007 - The August/September* African hip hop radio brings mad exclusives!! For starters, we have a world premier off the upcoming Zimbabwe Legit album - their first new recordings since 'Brothers from the mother' which they recorded in 1992. The new African Allstars posse cut unites emcees from South Africa, Zimbabwe and Tanzania.

Photo: GMB

Then, Revoltod decided to play a full hour of unreleased tracks from Cape Verde and its diaspora by the likes of KGB Squad and GBM. Cavera's studio guest of this month is Hajila, a Zimbabwean artist living in South Africa. The August show was a bit late (though not retarded) so we called it the August/September edition.

This month J4 is accompanied in the studio by Shamiel a.k.a. dj Shamiel X from Cape Town, currently living in Johannesburg and to be seen on stage with his turntablist crew, the Beatbangaz. They run through the latest tracks from all over, including the exclusive 'All over the map' by the African Allstars: Maggz, Kenny Majozi, Ziggy-Lah (X Plastaz) and Zimbabwe Legit.
In the radio studio they visit Youtube to watch a music video featuring Nollywood star Nkem Owoh (Osuofia) who was recently the victim of a police raid in a club in Amsterdam where he was performing. The police were looking for 419 scammers who frequent the club so they arrested everyone including the performer! By coincidence, Osuofia's hit single 'I go chop your dollar' talks about these same scams.

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Dj Cavera C is taking time off from playing new tunes from Angola and the diaspora as he invites Hajila into the studio. Hajila is a Zimbabwean artist living in South Africa. Cavera's record bag turns out to contain more dopeness from Zimbabwe...

Playlist for the Aug/Sept 2007 Angola show (popup)

Revoltod sheds some light on GMB’s mic power a month before this artist drops his first solo album. He lives in Rotterdam just like Black Wulture, whose vocal presence can be felt for the first time in African Hip Hop Radio.

Tracks by a Cape Verdean group based in the USA called The Movement can also be heard in this episode. In the second part of his show, Revoltod brings an exclusive interview with Perturbod, one half of KGB Squad, as well as exclusive tracks from the group’s upcoming album 'Sment Real'.

Playlist for the Aug/Sept 2007 Cape Verde show

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