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Back with more hits! While the African soil is trembling with energy as local hip hop is taking over the airwaves, African hip hop radio is at the heart of a revolution taking place. Over the past 2 months we have seen a lot of activity on the pan-African level with events such as Awadi's all Africa tour coming to a succesful end and artists such as 2Face (Nigeria) being heard at the other side of the continent.

Photo left: Madlib and Drew at Vondelpark, Amsterdam, March 2005
The concept of African hip hop radio has been well received since the first show, with thousands of visits and hundreds of artist uploads received. We also got two new presenters to join our pan-African radio team with tracks from their home base! Meanwhile our deejays have been exchanging music and contacts, and in South Africa you can now hear Lee playing tunes from Cape Verde or Cavera dropping some Tanzanian tracks.

Time to introduce our new presenters/deejays: Black Reign from Uganda and Karim from Egypt. Black Reign is a representative of the Uganda Hip Hop Foundation who we met through Jeff Ekongot, chairman of the foundation who is also the MTV Base representative of Uganda, and Orvin Sanga, a Tanzanian music consultant who connects East Africa's hip hop communities. Our staff deejay Drew (based in Amsterdam) visited his native Uganda and hooked up with Black Reign, his trip was documented by Dutch television and can be watched online here.

Karim landed at African hip hop radio through a hookup by Salah Edin, a Moroccan Dutch emcee who tours the world with the Wu-Tang Killa Bees (including Rza and Cilvaringz). They played in Cairo and when Salah spoke to Karim, the emcee and former presenter of Nile FM decided to join our ranks. As you will hear, Karim's focus goes beyond just Egypt as he plays tracks from all over the Middle East and Maghreb (North western Africa).

Our regular shows for September are full to the brim with new and unheard tracks, interviews and news. Lee talks to emcees about hip hop and Islam in South Africa, Drew & J4 met up with American producer Madlib to talk about his sampling an Eritrean song and sat down with heads from the old school Shamiel X and Shuheid from Cape Town... Meanwhile Cavera brings 100 minutes of Angolan underground with studio guest Mutu Moxy - the Angolan rapper from Cape Town who we featured at back in 2000!

Photos: Sugacane, dj 360 and Probz with Manu from BMG44 in Dakar (December 2004) and Shuheid & Shamiel in Amsterdam (February 2005)

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