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Just back from Cape Town, we had to work hard to upload the latest addition to's African webcasts. Well it's finally up, and with more exclusive banging tracks for you. We go all the way to South Africa for a show presented by Maluka, uniting rappers from the Cape Flats and Northern Africa. A unique combination: Afrikaans and Arabic hip hop back-to-back!

Photo left: Terror mc while shooting a music video in the township of Ravensmead, Cape Town, December 2005
In this webcast we meet Terror MC, one of the biggest names making waves on the local hip hop scene (stay tuned for the music video we shot with him in his township Ravensmead). We also speak to the number one Afrikaans language dj in Cape Town about his involvement with the legendary group Parliament and about his Afrikaans mixtapes. Finally we chat to representatives of Bootleg, Cape Town's biggest hip hop party promoters about their social activism and what they are trying to do with Bootleg as a platform.
The South African tunes here are in the Afrikaans slang which is spoken in Cape Town. While it hasn't been officially recognized as a language of its own in South Africa, Cape slang does have its own vocabulary and pronunciation which are witness to the unique history of the people living in the Cape Flats townships. Most of these tracks haven't received a major label release yet.

Shout out to to Cavera for using his equipment and to Zoulikha Bouabdellah (photo right) for translations and co-hosting the show.

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