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The november/december update for African hip hop radio is over SIX hours long and the show segments come to you from all over the continent. We start off in Nairobi, Kenya, then on to Cairo, Egypt and Cape Town, South Africa and Angola. New this month is a pan-West-African show by Boobah who also represents the United Nations of Hip Hop website.

Photo left: Blaze from Nairobi doing what he does best: represent the untapped potential of Kenyan underground hip hop!
As you are listening to this show we are already preparing the next one with interviews recorded at the Senegal Hip Hop Awards in Dakar, and special guest Ty from the UK/Nigeria. The new show is expected online around christmas.

Drew & J4 kick off with the track Nairobi by K-Nel, Kenyan mc living in Cologne (Germany). Their two hour segment of this month's show is dedicated to hip hop in Kenya and features studio guests from Nairobi Blaze (WAPI, Phat Africa, Ghetto radio) and female spoken word artist/mc Angel. New and exclusive tracks by the likes of Ukoo flani Mau Mau, Kenyana, and more. And check out the KRS and Chuck D shoutouts!

Karim and Sphinx playing everything from Miskeena to Shadia, Omarz, Eslaam Jawaad, Outlandish, Salah Edin, Arabian Knightz, Euphrates...

Boobah from the UNOHH website brings a two-hour overview of hip hop mostly from French speaking West Africa. His tracklist includes music from Niger, Senegal, Ivory Coast and artists like Duggy Tee (ex Positive Black Soul)...

Cavera from Angola but based in Cape Town has all the new Angolan tunes. This month his show features a very special guest: emcee Kalahari who is interviewed in Portuguese....

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The shows
Those with limited time or patience can also listen to each show on its own:
Drew & J4 (Amsterdam, Holland)
Karim & Sphinx (Egypt)
Boobah (Senegal/Ivory Coast/USA)
Cavera (Angola/South Africa)