AfricanHipHop Mixtape – The Sequel (2009)

Almost a year in the making, here is The Sequel, the second mixtape created entirely by members of the forums. The first collection, called ‘Africanhiphop: the Naija chapter’ (2007) gained a lot of interest worldwide (read up here and download here). Like its predecessor, this new volume was initiated in the discussion forums and most communication happened right there […]


Almost a year in the making, here is The Sequel, the second mixtape created entirely by members of the forums. The first collection, called ‘Africanhiphop: the Naija chapter’ (2007) gained a lot of interest worldwide (read up here and download here).

Like its predecessor, this new volume was initiated in the discussion forums and most communication happened right there (this thread). It took a while for all contributions to be sent in, but the result is stunning. The Sequel shows the power of the joined forces of the online African hip hop community and it’s a good example of music production and distribution in the modern age.
Overseen by MHP, The Sequel features beats by five different producers and vocals by emcees from all over the continent.

Download the mixtape here (zip file, 69 MB). You can also preview/stream the individual tracks here (Reverbnation).

1. Intro
2. To Be An African by JRox, Thugga, Dope G and Verbal Assasin
3. Live by Nfeeltraita
4. Another Day by Fecko tha Emcee
5. Serial Killah by Rapsom’ and G.A.B. (both of SoulJazz)
6. Sublime Freestyle
7. Eye For An Eye by Synik (Zimbabwe)
8. Well Well by Sacramento (He’s late now… R.I.P.)
9. Don’t Stop Playin’ by Dominant-1, The Holstar and Illuminate
10. Gone Away by Al Kani
11. Reminsce by MHP (of SoulJazz)
12. Floorgates Freestyle (Low Budget Mix) by Kyt
13. Swarthy Soul Skit
14. Eye For An Eye Part 2 by Synik, MHP and P-Rex
15. Modern Day Slavery by G.A.B., Suicide, Rapsom’ and eL-P
16. Skit
17. Bring It On by Dagreen, MHP and Syblime
18. Places I’ve Been by Da Nameless and Grandson
19. African Boy by Ik Sl!ck and partner
20. Ride Wit U by Dagreen and Slick da Soul Singa
21. Illest Brotha by G.A.B.(of SoulJazz)
22. Pure Love by The Holstar and Krytic
23. Calm by The Subjects
24. Outro

Bonus Track
25. Old News by Rapsom’ and MHP

Production Credits
Tracks 7,8,14,17 produced by Dagreen
Tracks 5,15,25 produced by Rapsom’
Track 10 produced by Rapsom(Hook done by MHP)
Track 2 produced by TeckZilla
Track 9 produced by Zero a.k.a. The Apprentice
Tracks 3,4,11,13,22,23,24 produced by MHP
Track 20 produced by Slick da Soul Singa

Cover design by Hiphopiseducation.

  1. Isotope 8 years ago

    Like this too.

  2. Hip Hop Fan 8 years ago

    Been waiting for this! Congrats to all involved! Peace MHP!!!

  3. Dro 8 years ago

    nicey. see my boiz Fecko and Nfeeltraitor spittin fire and who designd the mixtape cover?

  4. Juma4 8 years ago

    The cover was designed by Hiphopiseducation, I’ll add the credits.

  5. code88 8 years ago

    Pure genius. Undoubtedly one of the most underated Hip Hop complilations in the world…

  6. Dagreen 8 years ago

    Oops, You guys missed one. Track 20 was produced by slick da soul singa.

  7. Juma4 8 years ago

    Thanks Dagreen I will add that name to the list!

  8. Stonelbows 8 years ago

    Peace to the homies holding it down for African Hip-Hop we behind you.

  9. mdot oozy 8 years ago

    What a treat this will be (I missed out this go round) ~peace~

  10. Brock 8 years ago

    HOT SHIT!!!!!

  11. Aqbar 8 years ago

    I wanna see ma peoples comment after listening to this. LISTEN UP EVERYONE!…Yeah I’ve heard dem joints if y’all wonderin’.

  12. phatbeattz 8 years ago

    Tight Mceez,
    baets are so classical.
    Tooo dope man i cant stop listening to it !!!!

    get ready for The next Mixtape from my Crew Soon and it will be available via the internet for free.


  13. Synik 8 years ago

    The final product is crazy! Right now the joint im really feeling is Places Ive Been….Loving that joint. But yeah, all the tracks are fire. Production was too tight and the Emcees ripped. Glad to have been a part of it and much love to evry1 involved! Peace and Love

  14. Synik 8 years ago

    Oh yeah, please do check out my EP…

    Keep it moving!

  15. Dagreen 8 years ago

    I’ve gotta put one up for my man Sacramento who died recently. I love you bruv and i miss you. YOU LIVE ON!!!

  16. Rapsom 8 years ago

    The sequel is on fire; each track be burning my tympanics.
    enuff props 2 d producers & Emcees on the mixtape, the cover art:- DOPE. Peace World

  17. Alberto from Mexico 8 years ago

    I love hearing new sounds from around the world, good stuff is happening, as shown in this good record! =)

  18. rhymemasta 8 years ago

    Hey peeps!This mixtape must be the dopest of its kind.Much props to the organizers,producers,emcees n the designer of that album cover.
    Am sorry,i missed out!Peace!

  19. gab 8 years ago

    illest ish i’ve heard in while..ya’ll should keep it up and spread thw word..HipHop lives!!

  20. gab 8 years ago

    illest ish i’ve heard in a while..ya’ll should keep it up and spread the word..HipHop lives!!

  21. Arkmed 8 years ago

    Seriously, all the trax are fresh and dope. Bring it on is my fav though

  22. Dagreen 8 years ago

    Word to Zero, Teck, Rapsom’, slick, MHP and all the Mcs on the joint. This came off right. I’m especially feeling Places i’ve been, Mad tight.

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  24. MHP 8 years ago

    What can I say? Real HipHop lives! We gon’ keep reppin’!

    My fam Dagreen, Rapsom, my man Teckzilla, Slick da Soul Singa, Zero a.k.a. The Apprentice, all the MCeez on the project, all the cats that showed support…We did It!

    R.I.P. to Sacramento…I love the joint he did.

    And jus so Y’all know…we’ll do it again.

  25. prolyfik 8 years ago

    you ripped the spot

    • DNP 7 years ago

      dat nigga H,can u Imagine ‘places i’v been ‘ is on dis mixtape by Nameless n Grandson, niggaz stil stressed dey bin 2 a place called SCULPTURE GARDEN peep dis Coz? We on da map fo’reel U Know Wat it is boi!

  26. Rankin'B 8 years ago

    Can anyone tell me what countries each of these artists are from?

  27. The eyeris 8 years ago

    Mixtape was dope favorite track is PLACES IVE BEEN.who is this da nameless?the guys insanely tight.where is he from?his partner was really tight too.they killed it…peace to other emcees too.mixtape’s the hottest i’ve heard of recent..u rock guys!

  28. Tojo 8 years ago

    Yo! men who ever took out this mixtape from the kitchen must have got 3rd degree burns, cos shit is blazing hot. shoutout 2 ma boiz, souljazz, Gab, Rapsom, Aqbar, Rhyme masta, MHP, Subliminal, Subjects swarthy soul, Elpee, Suicide, Second son, Danaz, P-Rex, First born & all’a dem tight emcees out there. HipHop Fo’eva Yo!.

  29. d2 tha verbalswordman 8 years ago

    tyte productions,cant sttop playing dis ish,the most tracks i feel is bring it,live,mordern day slavery and eye 4 an eye..those ish are KA-BOOOOM!!!

  30. Thomasv 8 years ago

    I luv these tracks
    Keep that up!

  31. Stan 8 years ago

    Hiphop lives

  32. RastaMan 8 years ago

    these sound like east coast beats, i was expecting some hip hop for parties and families. Anyone know any more Pump Up The Jam type African Hip Hop?

  33. dnp 8 years ago

    Shit is hype man,’nuff cooks were in da kitchen. 1ce mo’ shit so hype no questions period

  34. Angela 8 years ago

    You know, I really love me some good hip hop, but this mix is bangin, love it, love it…..keep up the good work!!! This is yo girl from North America…holla!!!

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  36. King Pin 8 years ago

    wow this is dope to the fullest.But one song that did it for me on the mixtape was ‘places i’ve been’ by Da nameless and grandson.Every time i listen to the song,i understand it better.shits amazing!One

  37. Dinhok2 8 years ago

    Parabéns pela luta.
    O Hip-Hop é o caminho para alertarmos o povo.
    Hip-Hop Brasil/África

  38. Kizito 8 years ago

    Love it.. hope to be on the next mission.

    African Hip hop is really all i can listen to right now.. and this is a rocker..

  39. Abduljab-R 8 years ago

    This was a very crazy mixtape.All track were straight fire.My fav tracks were EYE FOR AN EYE by Synik…a very dope song by a very dope lyricist.i heard other songs of his and the guys flames burn no doubt,so mcs be on the lookout for this kid.And the second song is the MADLY created PLACES IVE BEEN by non other than Da Naymliss(yes thats the way he spells the name cos ive met him in person).I think NAIJA should watch out for this kid cos hes no doubt a step ahead especially wit his wordplays and flexibility.

  40. Sarcastic 8 years ago

    Yho Yho Yho!!! Hot Material rite here!

    Hope I can make to the third offering! Africa we run this. We run this!!!

  41. blaqpimp 8 years ago

    Halla guys tha sound is off the hook you’ll are sick like mad playas! I DIG it big time no BS!!

    Halla playas howzit? I am a playa hailing from SA would love for us to exchange ideas on music if possible. Halla back if you dig we could do music together!! My group name is AFGUN! Let’s UNITE AFRIKA through musiq playa’s


    Saziso “Blaqpimp” Balang

  42. buStN 8 years ago

    hey hey
    I`m from germany and search some features from another country!
    when somebody be interested add me on myspace or icq
    buStN Chorus†
    ICQ: [466-593-160]

  43. FLUX tha Rhymefaktor 6 years ago

    This is strictly RUFF ish!!! MHP ur making history n yes HiphoP lives. Peace to every emcee on d SEQUEL y’all iz dope.

  44. FLUX 6 years ago

    Doper dan tight stuff. Shout out 2 MHP, SOULJAZZ, SUBJECTZ, all d producers….the cover design is ill. Peace

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