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Remember the words of Fela Kuti: in 2000 Africa must be one. We will not wait for the politicians to bring unity to us - instead we will come together to fulfill the promise. On these pages you can read about the revolution of the mind that is taking place among the urban African youth. We are building to bring you all information on the crews that represent from the motherland. We try to incorporate all information available, so if you think anything can be added tell us.


Some serious developments take place almost daily now in the field of African Hip Hop. We tracked down some facts on Nigerian crew Doomsday, including three audio samples (wav. files) of their work. Read the latest updates on 2 Proud (Tanzania), who delivered the best Swahili Rap product to this day called Ndani ya Bongo and read about Positive Black Soul preparing a new cd ...Also the Ivory Coast Hip Hop family welcomes a new member by the name of Stezo ...

As could be expected, 1997 will become the year of the international breakthrough of African Hip Hop. Soon to be released are albums by Positive Black Soul, Prophets of da City, Pee Froiss... Also Rumba-Kali records are preparing a Pan-African Hip Hop compilation cd and new recordings by the Tanzanian Kwanza Unit. And just this month we got some fresh flavaz from Senegal: some new cassettes including a Senegalese freestyle compilation tape and a French cd release of Daara J which is produced by the Mad Professor. Soon we'll have a full review of the PBS meets Doudou N'Diaye Rose meets David Murray project called Fodeuk.

Also new is the Kenya section. Some new crews have emerged from the underground (big up to our readers from Kenya!). We'll soon add more 411 on these rappers.

The crews

On these pages you will find all information on the local scenes in the big African cities (even in the countryside if available). Crews are listed with the names of their members, a discography and additional information. Since almost daily somewhere in Africa an MC and a DJ meet up and form a new group, this list is updated weekly. Keep coming back to see the scenes grow - especially on the Senegal, Ivory Coast and Tanzania pages for which we have a regular information supply. If you have any names or facts to add just let us know!

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As it is often very hard to get hold of African Hip Hop releases we included some audio samples so that you can still get a taste. We plan to upload some samples from our own extensive African Hip Hop archive but for now you'll have to do with this bit of live recording from Positive Black Soul (Senegal) in Montreux, 1995 or these tracks by Nigerian USA-based Doomsday.


You are part of the revolution because it is a revolution of the mind. If you want to be a part of the Pan African Hip Hop nation you can tell us by completing this form and we will keep you informed. If you have a question or a suggestion you can use the feedback form . Alternatively just mail us at Rahh records ...


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