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Dj Boo - Home mixtape

HOME (the Mixtape), released August 15

“Home is that peace of mind, the rays of sunshine / will go to war with any anybody trying to take mine.” –StaHHr Ever-pushing boundaries within the hip hop mixtape tradition, Nomadic Wax…


Election day in Zimbabwe: Mugabe battles Tsvangirai in rap

Today is an important day in the history of Zimbabwe – will Mugabe finally loose out to the opposition, and will a possible victory of Tsvangirai and his MDC be admitted by the…

Tendai Baba Maraire

Zimbabwe independence day 2013: Chimurenga Renaissance’s Boom video

On the occasion of Zimbabwe’s 33rd independence day, here’s the latest video by Chimurenga Renaissance aka Tendai ‘Baba’ Maraire who’s also known as a member of Shabazz Palaces. Tendai gives an alternative report…

New Video from Outspoken (Zimbabwe)

Zimbabwe emcee Outspoken just dropped a new music video for his group ‘Outspoken & The Essence.’ This track is an introduction to Outspoken & The Essence and the group’s own interpretation of hip-hop….


An Introduction to Zimbabwean Hip Hop

This just in from Nomadic Wax: The hip hop scene in Zimbabwe is fierce, and also heavily slept on. Overshadowed by the scenes in its neighboring countries, it is only a matter of…


Zimbabwe’s Synik releases 3D music video & free album Syn City

Zimbabwean hip hop heads must have been pressing F5 to refresh emcee Synik’s website over the past days, as there was a countdown going on towards the launch of his ‘Syn City’ album….


New single and video from Comrade Fatso (Zimbabwe)

From within the Zimbabwe Crisis, Comrade Fatso & Chabvondoka Launch New Single: Korokoza Zimbabwe has suffered under a decade of political violence, record-breaking inflation and an exodus of its population. At one time, Zimbabwe had…


Dumi RIGHT ft. OutSpoken & MC Pep – Are you ready for this

Dumi RIGHT, first known for being half of the early nineties rap duo Zimbabwe Legit and more recently active with his group OUO, is about to drop his solo album ‘Connect the dots’…


Fore: Going back is not the same as staying

I’m shooting the breeze with Fore (Mutaurwa Mapondera), a confident and artistically ambitious young Zimbabwean emcee, and as he talks about why he had to leave New York I’m reminded of the Congolese…


African Hip Hop Radio September 2010

It’s that time of the year – African hip hop radio is back in the building after a few weeks spent behind the scenes, focusing on foundation work, the annual Doin’ it in the Park festival and preparing our upcoming travels to Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya and Senegal. In this edition we are (again) welcoming a new member to the dj team: Core Wreckah from Lesotho, currently studying in Cape Town, South Africa.

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