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New Video from Outspoken (Zimbabwe)

Zimbabwe emcee Outspoken just dropped a new music video for his group ‘Outspoken & The Essence.’ This track is an introduction to Outspoken & The Essence and the group’s own interpretation of hip-hop….

Nomadic Wax freestyle

International Hip Hop Cipher video from Nomadic Wax

Nomadic Wax just dropped this cipher video from out their video archive crates. From a concert in Boston back in 2010, this cipher is pretty stacked. Nomadic Wax’s Dj Boo holding it down…

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An African Hip Hop Cipher

Here is a fun one for you all: a little improptu cipher featuring heads from Benin, Djibouti, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Equatorial Guinea, Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia, and Swaziland, and, since it took place in…


Mc Cane Babu – Byantukako

From the underground of Ugandan hip hop comes this video by MC Cane Babu with Young Starz Basagalamanya Squad. This is his first video, shot by Dutch director Jurre de Beer in Ntinda,…


An Introduction to Zimbabwean Hip Hop

This just in from Nomadic Wax: The hip hop scene in Zimbabwe is fierce, and also heavily slept on. Overshadowed by the scenes in its neighboring countries, it is only a matter of…


Kalamashaka back in the studio

Kenyan hip hop legens Kalamashaka are back in the studio, working with Ambrose from Mandugu Digital who recently moved back to Kenya. MC Shenzy spoke to them about their new work and breaks down their importance for the growth of Kenyan hip hop in the past decade.

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