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Sugu aka Mr II aka 2Proud - album launch 'Veto'

Sugu launches tenth album

On Christmas eve 2009, the Diamond Jubilee hall in Upanga, Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) made history for being the venue were Sugu’s tenth album was launched. The milestone in the career of Tanzania’s most prolific hip hop artist was celebrated with over twenty invited performers who opened up for Sugu. Africanhiphop.com was there to pay tribute to one of the icons of Tanzanian hip hop and we got some pics from the performances.


‘Tanzanians are supporting homegrown brands more than ever before’

One of the shining stars in the urban clothing industry in Tanzania is Kina Clothing. Africanhiphop.com spoke to Mkuki Bgoya, one of the two owners, about the philosophy behind the brand, the cultural landscape of East Africa in 2009, the much heralded resurgence in international interest in the African continent and how this benefits young people in Africa, and the existence of a uniquely Tanzanian fashion identity.


Gsan (X Plastaz) in BET hip hop awards cypher 2009

Starring Wale, Nipsey Hussle, Gsan and KRS One


Tanzanian emcee in BET Hip Hop Awards cypher

America’s BET Hip Hop Awards pays tribute to Tanzanian hip hop: Gsan, member of the group X Plastaz from Arusha, Tanzania participated in this year’s cypher among legends such as KRS One, Wale, Mos Def, Eminem and dj Premier. Watch the video.


Kama – Can’t you see (exclusive)

You may have read & listened to our recent update on Kalamashaka (Kenya) and group member Kama’s recent studio sessions. The first results have started to leak – by way of the producers…


X Plastaz featuring Fid Q – Furaha

A couple of artists who have distinguished themselves from the generic Bongo flava-sound in Tanzania have joined up for a new single and video. ‘Furaha’ by Arusha-based group X Plastaz and Dar es…


Man Snipa, dj G-Town’s bongo flava, Rich Medina

Young Tanzanian reggae singer Man Sniper (also spelled Mansnipa or Mansnepa) has been working with Dutch reggae group the Rootsriders to record his first album. In November 2008 he visited the African hip…


Ali Kiba without autotune

At his young age, Ali Kiba (also spelled Alikiba or Ally Kiba) from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania has already seen much of the world. His songs, most notably the monster hit Cinderella, have…


Mzungu Kichaa

‘Mzungu kichaa’ (crazy white guy) has been an expression circling in the Tanzanian hip hop scene ever since a Danish rapper called Joker did a collabo with popular artist Mr II (Sugu aka…


Regime Change, Negus World Order, Saba Saba, Narcy, Dola – Connect

Regime Change (NYC/Haiti), Negus World Order (Haiti/France), Saba Saba (Uganda), Narcy (Iraq), and Dola from (Tanzania). Directed by 3rdi.

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