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New Cipher Video from the Trinity College International Hip Hop Festival

Every  year, the Trinity College International Hip-Hop Festival brings artists from all over the world to represent hip hop and social activism together in Hartford, Connecticut at the Trinity College Campus. In 2012, the festival…


Luga Flow Army – Ejje lyo

Luga Flow Army is a group of five members from Uganda who started working together in 2011. They rap in Luganda, Swahili and English. Each member is a lyricist in his own right…


Africa Represents at seventh International Hip Hop Festival

Text: The Black Noise Tendency Pics: Seth Markle From March 29th-31st 2012, artists, activists, educators, students and academics converged on the campus of Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut (USA) for the International Hip…


OKOA Hip Hop – Tumechoka, a track speaking out against injustice

‘Tumechoka’ is is a hip hop collaboration done by various artists: Kidis (Tanzania), Silver (Mombasa), Ekori (Turkana), Skobo (Mombasa), Gasfyatu (Nairobi), Edu Mambo (Nairobi), Kevlexicon (New York) and Kaktus (Nairobi). They are some…


Tanzanian emcee in BET Hip Hop Awards cypher

America’s BET Hip Hop Awards pays tribute to Tanzanian hip hop: Gsan, member of the group X Plastaz from Arusha, Tanzania participated in this year’s cypher among legends such as KRS One, Wale, Mos Def, Eminem and dj Premier. Watch the video.


Interview: 125 (Kenya)

Live with Shenzy is an urban radio show based on hip hop culture, hosted by MC Shenzy, a Nairobi, Kenya based hip hop activist. In this latest episode, MC Shenzy meets with the duo of 125.


Mzungu Kichaa

‘Mzungu kichaa’ (crazy white guy) has been an expression circling in the Tanzanian hip hop scene ever since a Danish rapper called Joker did a collabo with popular artist Mr II (Sugu aka…

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