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African hip hop radio – Leap Day edition

The February edition of African hip hop radio was recorded on Leap Day (February 29), a date that occurs only once in every four years. To stay true to this Limited Edition theme,…

African hip hop radio: BCUC

Radio Vaults: December 2009 – Africanhiphopradio Live Sessions

On the Dutch edition of African hip hop radio we have had an impressive number of artists phoning in and visiting the studio. The latter often impressed us with a little live session….


African Hip Hop Radio: Fully Loaded with Nneka & Sugu

After a hiatus of over one year (not counting the occasional mixtape and guest shows from Nairobi), African Hip Hop Radio is back on air. Or rather the web, because the new shows…


Radio Vaults: July 2007 – Nairobi & French session

One from the vaults: in July 2007, African hip hop radio did a special show from Nairobi, Kenya where host Buddha Blaze invited some of Kenya’s finest hip hop artists into the studio…


Recharging: African Hip Hop Radio x VOTU

As we are recharging for fresh shows from the African hip hop radio deejays, here’s the kick off from Kenya! Ndugus Uswakamili and Jared Ombui from VOTU (Voice of the Underground) did this run-down of the latest tracks from Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, South Africa and Uganda.


African Hip Hop Radio September 2010

It’s that time of the year – African hip hop radio is back in the building after a few weeks spent behind the scenes, focusing on foundation work, the annual Doin’ it in the Park festival and preparing our upcoming travels to Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya and Senegal. In this edition we are (again) welcoming a new member to the dj team: Core Wreckah from Lesotho, currently studying in Cape Town, South Africa.


African hip hop radio: the World Cup edition

If 2010 is the year of Africa, June is most definitely the month where all the international expectation, exploration and exploitation of the Motherland are peaking. The African hip hop deejays went back to the studio to prepare a true pan-African June show. K’naan joined us for a chat during a stopover on his Coca-Cola world tour with exclusive news about his collabo with Akon. Also this month we welcome three new hosts from Zimbabwe and Botswana.

Dwilly - African Hip Hop Radio, Zanzibar, Tanzania

The Return of African Hip Hop Radio

After a hiatus of more than a year, the pan-African edition of African Hip Hop Radio is back! The updates are now coming to you on a monthly basis with presenters and deejays from all around the motherland and diaspora.


Sugu, HHP, Geoffy G, M.anifest, Shenzy

Here’s a little round-up of African hip hop radio shows of the past months: autumn 2009. The weekly show on FunX (Holland’s most popular youth radio station) often has guests, and these are…


Kalamashaka back in the studio

Kenyan hip hop legens Kalamashaka are back in the studio, working with Ambrose from Mandugu Digital who recently moved back to Kenya. MC Shenzy spoke to them about their new work and breaks down their importance for the growth of Kenyan hip hop in the past decade.

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