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African Hip Hop Radio: Fully Loaded with Nneka & Sugu

After a hiatus of over one year (not counting the occasional mixtape and guest shows from Nairobi), African Hip Hop Radio is back on air. Or rather the web, because the new shows…

Alesh - Le mort dans l'ame

Alesh – Reveil (the Awakening)

Alesh is one of our favorite new names on the Congo hip hop scene. The emcee/slam artist from Kisangani (eastern Congo) released his first album ‘Mort dans l’ame’ last year. ‘Bana Kin’ was…


Conscious Senegalese rap is not dead

Keur Gui of Kaolack is back with a gem of a video. Directed by Senegalese new school crew Gelongal, the video ‘Coup 2 Gueule’ (‘Let’s Act on our Words’) features Kilifeu and Thiat in the congested urban setting of Dakar. Flagship group of the movement of decentralization / de-Dakarisation in Senegal, Thiat and Kilifeu remain the two only rappers in Senegal who did jail time for denouncing acts of corruption.


The hip hop generation and elections in Gabon

After the sudden death of Gabon’s president Omar Bongo, much is at stake for the Gabonese people and their government. Hip hop has been a popular tool in winning the people’s votes, and one of the candidates even tried his turn on the mic – after recording an album with James Brown’s manager in the seventies! Meanwhile, the ruling class is under scrutiny: where did the president and his family get all their wealth from?

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