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New Album from Poetes Fyziks

Poetes Fyziks: revolutionary Gabonese group drop new album

  Ken Kiz and Ngongull ze Blackman, the two dreadlocked emcees that make up Poetes Fyziks, are both natives of Gabon. The pair met in the early nineties as rivals in different local…


Gabao Hip Hop Awards 2012: the winners

Another anniversary this year (the other one being 15 years Africanhiphop.com): our friends from Afrik’Aktion in Libreville, Gabon celebrate the tenth edition of their Gabao Festival. The annual gathering with a heavy focus on…


The hip hop generation and elections in Gabon

After the sudden death of Gabon’s president Omar Bongo, much is at stake for the Gabonese people and their government. Hip hop has been a popular tool in winning the people’s votes, and one of the candidates even tried his turn on the mic – after recording an album with James Brown’s manager in the seventies! Meanwhile, the ruling class is under scrutiny: where did the president and his family get all their wealth from?


Movaizhaleine in Gabon

In June 2008, two major hip hop events were canceled in Gabon because of the sudden death of president Bongo, who had been in power for 42 years. In response to his passing,…

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