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Senerap 99: a Senegalese hip hop mixtape from 1999

The first mixtape in our Fifteen Years Africanhiphop.com series is also one of the first full-length mixes we uploaded to the web back in 1999 under the flag of ‘Rumba-Kali African Hip Hop…


My Hip Hop: documentary on Cape Town hip hop & identity

The second release in the Africanhiphop.com 15 Years Online series is another short documentary from the Redefinition: African Hip Hop project. Produced by along with ‘100% Galsen‘ (Senegal) and the ‘Redefinition’ film about…


Fifteen years Africanhiphop.com: 100% Galsen, a hip hop documentary made in Senegal

The Africanhiphop.com website was born on February 5, 1997 – exactly fifteen years ago today. Known back then as ‘Rumba-Kali home of Pan African Hip Hop’, the single page hosted by a free…

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