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The Juggernauts: Zambian hip hop explodes

The hip hop culture of Zambia, like that of many other African counties is one that is still growing and still carries influences and traits that settle among various age groups, even though…


Money, power and sex: Cape Town debate & SA hip hop

In May 2012 the OpenForum took place in Cape Town, South Africa. The gathering brought together activists, artists, academics, policy-makers and business people to discuss the factors that will influence the African continent…


Fecko – First Impression EP

It’s no secret that the African hip hop forums in the past ten-plus years has been an international breeding ground of talent. Think of two volumes of African hip hop mixtapes, initiated and…


D’Supremes prepare to release debut music video

Questionmark, the Nigerian label that Asa and Modenine were signed to and introduced acts like Street Monks, Nnenna and Silver Saddih has signed a new group, D’Supremes, earlier this year. D’Supremes is a…


Illbliss releases album after wedding

Illbliss, a member of the Thoroughbred rap group whose contribution was acknowledged by JayZ on his first visit to Nigeria, has released his debut effort on the Goretti company imprint. With the ‘Aiye…

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