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Boom Africa! African Hip Hop Radio December 2013

It’s the last African Hip Hop Radio show of the year already, and indeed 2013 went by without us paying attention to the fact that the show has been in existence for 15…

Dj Boo - Home mixtape

HOME (the Mixtape), released August 15

“Home is that peace of mind, the rays of sunshine / will go to war with any anybody trying to take mine.” –StaHHr Ever-pushing boundaries within the hip hop mixtape tradition, Nomadic Wax…


Chullage – R.A.P. video and free EP download

A new video for ‘R.A.P.’ by Cape Verdean – Portuguese emcee Chullage. The song is a single taken from his latest EP ‘Rapressão’ which was released last year as a free download from…


Kova M: representing Cova da Moura, Lissabon’s African hood

Cova da Moura is a neighbourhood in Amadora, a city in the metropolitan area of Lissabon (Portugal). Known today for housing between 5000 and 10,000 people, mostly of African origin (75% from Cape…


Vieira ZPK – Nos E Que Nos Remix

Vieira ZPK, the Dutch rapper of Cape verdean origin, is a Africanhiphop.com regular – he’s always present whenever there is an event like Doin’ it in the Park and he featured regularly in…


Cape Verde hip hop special – African hip hop radio May 2012

The May edition of African hip hop radio is a rendez-vous with Revoltod from the Lod Escur crew, our long time contributor who started doing Cabo shows for us while he was living…


Vieira, Jitsvinger & Kyle Shepherd

South African artists Jitsvinger and Kyle Shepherd join the African hip hop radio studio together with Vieira from the Netherlands (via Cape Verde). Rapper Jitsvinger, who previously released his debut album ‘Skeletsleutel’, is…

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