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July 2008 - After a long absence, during which we worked hard behind the scenes on the upcoming site changes and started a local version of African hip hop radio in Dutch, the African hip hop radio team is back with monthly updates and new presenter Amal.

This show is filled to the brim with the hottest tracks from the past six months and no less than three interviews. Also from this month on, our veteran presenter Lee Kasumba (also known from YFM in Johannesburg) is back with a monthly update. In her contributions she focuses on upcoming artists from all over the African continent.

Amal and Juma4 pick up where we left off with the last English language show earlier this year. The tracklisting is stronger than ever with exclusives by Fid Q (Tanzania), Kalamashaka (Kenya), Azziza (Ivory Coast) and our own GMB, as well as an exploration into African punkrock-rap, spoken word and 1970's disco by an 8-year old boy from Cameroon.

This show also features the first of a series of interviews we had with African hip hop artists on tour. We spoke to Zubz (South Africa) who visited Europe for the Virus Free Generation tour, and met up with dj/producer Rich Medina (USA) in the UK.

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South African hip hop radio icon Lee Kasumba is back at African hip hop radio with a new monthly series of artist profiles! The coming months she will be venturing all over the continent, highlighting the most promising new talent in the local scenes.

First up is Mawe2, a young emcee who is not afraid to be different from the average hip hop head. Signed to Rooftop media, his first album 'A fool's hope' is available in selected stores in South Africa. Lee speaks to him on the phone, asking him about the new album, his way of working and his faith.
This show segment was produced in association with Baobabconnections, the international youth platform.

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Amal & J4 - first part (Amsterdam, Holland)
Amal & J4 - second part (Amsterdam, Holland)
Lee (Johannesburg, South Africa)

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