We are the Government

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    “Government was initially set up to make living easy and better for all”

    Fellow distinguished Nigerians!
    I had observed and reserved my opinions about our dear Nation!
    I have also come to celebrate and jubilate about the uniqueness of our dear Nation
    And then create and duplicate the Better life and Solutions needed for the growth and Development our dear Nation!

    However it is obvious that we see ‘Government go and Government come’
    Since the day we celebrate our independence!
    But I see My Fellow Nigerians go in and out of Government
    I see my fellow Brothers and sisters piloting the affairs of our Government
    And deliver the capacity they had mustered over the years….

    So with all these observations and investigations of various
    Administrations and dispensations within our dear Nation, till date,
    It is conspicuously obvious that;
    The government is not alien to us.
    The government is not foreign to us!
    The government is no stranger to us!
    Neither is the Government different from us.
    Because we are the government
    And the architect of any government within our dear nation!

    However, we are the electors.
    We are the councilors!
    We are the council chairmen!
    We are the congressmen!
    We are the senators!
    We are the Governors!
    And we are the Presidents of our dear Nation!

    How? Why?
    It is because our brothers, sisters, relatives and friends
    Were selected and elected into these offices right under our very nose!
    Our fathers, mothers, uncles and Aunts
    Were accepted by the masses before our very eyes
    Into these offices and we even enthrone and empower them by our votes!

    So why then do we speak concerning them as though they fell from hell?
    Why then do we see them as alien from a different planet?
    Why do we always complain and murmur as though they are at fault alone?
    And why do we deceive ourselves by acting as if we are not part of them?
    For we came from them and them from us!

    Let’s call a spade a spade
    And let’s call a spoon a spoon!

    For if the government officials are corrupt,
    It is because we are corrupt and merciless!
    If the government is wicked,
    It is because we are wicked and ruthless!
    If the Government is stupid,
    It is because we are stupid and senseless!
    If the government is careless,
    It is because we are careless and heartless

    For we are…
    The Government and the sole determinant of any government!

    We determine the reign of good governance
    Or the reign of evil stricken governance!
    We determine the reign of Justice
    Or the reign of gross prejudice and lawlessness!
    We determine the reign of egalitarianism,
    Or the reign of Tribalism and Nepotism!
    We determine the tenure of integrity
    Or the tenure of corruptism and anarchism!
    We determine the tenure of selfless leadership
    Or the tenure of dictatorship!
    And we certainly determine the Era of a Healthier and Better Nigeria
    Or the Era of a dysfunctional and paralytic Nigeria!

    Let’s not be like the kettle that is afraid to call the pot black!
    Let’s stop being sarcastic to the truth,
    And start being specific to the fact!
    That we are responsible for the corruptism and terrorism in Nigeria
    That we are responsible for the dilapidated state of Nigeria!
    That we are responsible for either the doom or the Boom of Nigeria
    And that we are all responsible if this country fail or succeed!

    So let’s start inculcating the character of love and selflessness in our families
    Let’s start installing the attitude of heroism and patriotism in our children!
    Let’s start building our homes with the marbles of honesty and purity!
    Let’s begin to input and create the culture of Brotherhood
    And nationhood within our extended families
    And let’s begin to educate our people of the pride of studying hard,
    Working hard and owning Businesses of their own
    While making other people wealthier and Better of!

    Then we will have a richer and healthier society In Nigeria.
    And then we will have a Better Government manned by Better Nigerians.
    And then our Dream Nigeria will become a reality before our very eyes!

    This is Because the cure to the corrupt and mal-administrative government in Nigeria
    Lies in the bellies of godly homes and Responsible families in Nigeria!

    Therefore let us build a viable and reliable Government
    That can obtain, maintain and sustain a Better Nigeria
    By grooming and raising our family members with the tools of
    Charity, Purity, Honesty, Royalty and Accountability!

    So as to Eradicate and dethrone the Thrones of the oppressors and corruptors…
    Who had inflicted Nigerians with poverty, death and anguish..
    Who had turned Nigerians into refugees
    And refuse-scavenger in their Promise land!
    Who had raised the dust of wars,
    Rang the Bells of tribulations
    And drummed the drums of devastations that is already blasting
    And erupting underneath our feet like a volcano ready for eruption!

    It is indeed our civic responsibility
    To build a healthier, wealthier and Better Nigeria society for Nigerians
    If we truly want to see a Developed Nigeria!

    May God help our Fathers and Mothers!
    May God help our dear Nation!
    And God bless Nigerians

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