The Precious gift called Destiny

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    ‘Choice is pivotal to any destiny…
    Choice is the pilot of any destiny.’

    Life is a journey and one’s purpose is his path to his Destiny!
    Life is a Vision and one’s mission is his path to his Eternity!
    Life is in phases and one’s daily activity unveils his Latter Identity!
    Life is an arena and one’s daily performance speaks of his deity!
    And life is a teacher, Explaining and showing us examples that leads to our destiny!

    What is life without destiny?
    What is vision without a Mission?
    It’s like a finished product without a purpose of its usefulness.
    It’s like a car driving but heading to no final destination.
    It’s like a house full of gold yet its tenants dwell in poverty!
    And it is a life full of assumptions, frustrations, oppression and destruction!

    Oh Destiny!
    Oh destiny!
    It is the most precious gift given to humanity… where is yours, search it and use it
    It is the most precious gift neglected by humanity!
    It is the treasure box that contains our dignity and identity!
    It is the personality that demands our entirety and responsibility.

    This Destiny!
    This Destiny!!
    Is an inevitable price we must all pay!
    Is an undeniable cross we must all carry!
    Is a delightsome burden we must all crave!
    Is an inbuilt choice that propels us to abide to what it says!
    Because it is what will give colour and honour to any man!

    For we are programmed to be indebted to our destiny!
    We are all created to individually but collectively fulfill our destiny!
    Because wherever we are, whatever we do,
    We are still going to be hunted and haunted by destiny!

    You cannot run from destiny!
    You cannot hide from destiny!
    You cannot even transfer destiny!
    Because no one is more suitable than you for the assignment!
    No one is more trusted than you to undertake the assignment!
    No one is more wired than you to carry out the assignment!
    For you are the blue-print and the blue-chip for this assignment!
    It is the reason you were born into that environment!
    It is the reason you are experiencing that predicament!
    And it is the reason you are going through
    What you are going through right now!

    No doubt!
    We are all slaves to our destinies!
    We are all servants to our destinies!
    We are all stewards to our destinies!
    And we are all automatically employed to work for our destinies!

    It is a burden we must all bear!
    And it is the reason the Host of Heaven are watching over here!

    If there were no destinies,
    There wouldn’t have been us!
    If there were no destinies,
    God wouldn’t have been motivated to create us!
    If there were no destinies,
    God wouldn’t have gotten the initiative to create us!
    For God already had our destinies at heart
    Before He started creating us with His hands!

    Our destinies are as important as our lives in the sight of God!
    Our destinies are even more valuable than what we could imagine!
    Our destinies are just too precious to be deserted and rejected!
    Because in our destinies lies our fame, wealth, and relevance.
    And because our destinies are tied to the success of other people’s Destinies!

    So, let’s treasure our inner treasures which are the indicators of our destiny,
    Let’s treasure our potentials and talents which stand as tools of our destiny
    So that these treasures could make us treasureable treasures
    In all measures and sphere of life!
    So that these treasures could set us above all nations of the earth!
    And make us to have a fulfilled and glorious life for the betterment of all!

    Therefore the earlier we surrender and submit our whole-selves to destiny,
    The better for our lives!
    Because everything we ever desire in life,
    Everything we ever want to become in life,
    Are all loaded, stored and treasured in our destinies!

    For we are nothing without our destinies,
    We are mere wanderers without our destinies,
    We are confirmed non-entity without our destinies
    But we are more than something worthwhile with our destinies!
    And We are added Value and advantages to humanities with our destinies.

    So take the responsibility today to go fulfill your destiny
    And be the better change in your Motherland
    For the whole world is waiting for you!

    God bless our beloved Nation!
    And God bless Nigerians!!

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