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    Threads on AHH used to run the whole gamut.South African MC’s claim to fame was their lyrical depth which made them formidable on the battle threads but for pure fire the Never ending naija cypher was the longest running thread on AHH where anybody and everybody broke bread around metaphorical campfires to share their gifts of the mind giving another meaning to the term-‘food for thought’.Ghana was in the house before Azonto became fashionable,languages code mixed from Swahili to Hausa and collaborations across Africa flourished.

    A lot has happened since then.Justin Bieber for example.Some of us ‘old school purists’ appreciate the swag of new school hip hop but wouldn’t swear by it but African Hip Hop,that’s a new frontier and we haven’t even scratched the surface yet,it’s contribution to the world is a work in progress- that’s a beautiful thing.

    So whatever it’s called in your neck of the woods- Afrobeats,Swaghilli tunes or Afro hi life.It’s all good,it’s all hip hop.Peace.

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