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    Welcome to the refreshed African hip hop forums. As I write this we’re still in beta mode finalizing the setup and seeing what works. This forum was created for introductions so let us know who you are…

    As for me, read a bio on my profile. In short, I started this site back in 1997, and with the help of countless contributors and forum members grew it to one of the most recognized urban African sites. And – mostly because we never depended on subsidies or commercial interests – the site is still online, almost 20 years after it was created. Same goes for the forums… keep it going!

    PowerfulEntertainment Silver Kudzy 

    Good Job

    Craigtillinfinity9 craigtillinfinity 

    hey whats man? new to this so im just replying

    Hasbana11 Hasbana Grandson of Bawa 

    yoo… I feel blez being on dis site mehn. Hook me up let’s get the shit done!

    Asah Åsah Holmqvist 

    Cool site. I’m new to this one, but seems interesting. Everyone is just on facebook nowdays, so it’s kind of fun to go back to “old school” internet-socializing 😉
    Hope I will find some music I like here…

    Hamarienter hamarienter 

    I am loving the new look.
    Hope this community get active.
    I am a fan from Dubai.

    MaQBeatz MaQBeatz 

    How u doing people just joined looking for artists of all genres also holla for beatz of all genres !! https://soundcloud.com/maqbeatz

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