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Duggy Tee & Baaba Maal – Fulani

Good news from Dakar. Duggy Tee, the ‘other half’ of Senegalese hip hop duo Positive Black Soul (PBS) is back. The emcee/singer whose career in hip hop spans over twenty years disappeared from the spotlights somewhere after the release of PBS’ last international album ‘Run Cool’ in 2001. In...

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From the stronghold of hip hop in Tanzania, the city of Arusha, comes ‘Sitowasahau’ (Swahili for ‘I won’t forget them’), the new video and single by JCB with a chorus by John Massangwa. The first single from his latest album ‘Nakala za makala’ is a tribute to Faza Nelly...

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Coz ov moni

Mensa and Wanlov a.k.a. Fokn Bois are hip hop artists from Ghana, Accra. Wanlov also did a show for African Hip Hop Radio when he lived in the USA. Together with Mensa he is the star in an upcoming pidgin language musical ‘Coz Ov Moni’. The movie showcases their...

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