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Luga Flow Army – Ejje lyo

Luga Flow Army is a group of five members from Uganda who started working together in 2011. They rap in Luganda, Swahili and English. Each member is a lyricist in his own right…


Zimbabwe’s Synik releases 3D music video & free album Syn City

Zimbabwean hip hop heads must have been pressing F5 to refresh emcee Synik’s website over the past days, as there was a countdown going on towards the launch of his ‘Syn City’ album….

Eedris Abdulkareem – Clean Up Naija video

One video that stood out in the ever growing tsunami of new Nigerian releases is this one by veteran Eedris Abdulkareem. The rapper whose name was all over the news a couple of…


Jaak – Bravo Papa

Here’s the video to the first single off South African artist Jaak’s upcoming album ‘Galant’. The story involving a sex worker, an undercover cop and a weed seller is apparently based on actual…


Modeselektor feat. Nazizi & Abbas – Monkeyflip video

If you’re into Kenyan hip hop you probably heard last year’s BLNRB – Welcome to the Madhouse compilation, a cd resulting from an exchange program run by Nairobi’s Goethe Institute and released on…


Vieira ZPK – Nos E Que Nos Remix

Vieira ZPK, the Dutch rapper of Cape verdean origin, is a regular – he’s always present whenever there is an event like Doin’ it in the Park and he featured regularly in…


Kenyan female emcee Xtatic launches Prep Track video

Kenyan emcee Xtatic came out with a track that’s already got a lot of people looking out for her full album. The video ‘The prep track’ shows that as a female artist you…

Black Noise (South Africa)

South Africa: New videos from Black Noise

After over 20 years of beats, raps and rhymes, Black Noise is South Africa’s oldest active hip-hop crew. Hailing from Mitchell’s Plain in the Cape Flats (Cape Town), Emile YX? and the rest…


Dumi RIGHT ft. OutSpoken & MC Pep – Are you ready for this

Dumi RIGHT, first known for being half of the early nineties rap duo Zimbabwe Legit and more recently active with his group OUO, is about to drop his solo album ‘Connect the dots’…


D’Banj – Oliver Twist official video with Kanye West

Will this go down in history? While Kanye’s ‘Diamonds from Sierra Leone’ was graced with an intro by Sierra Leone born emcee Chosan, now Kanye is appearing on a video by an African…

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