Blakk Rasta

In April 2009, three months before Obama picked Ghana as his point of departure in Africa, Blakk Rasta visited the African hip hop radio studio. The Ghanaian reggae singer / radio presenter scored…



In 2006, African hip hop radio first met up with K’naan. Three years later he’s back and ready to talk about his involuntary role as a spokesperson to the Somali pirates, about his relationship with his late aunt, the popular Somali singer Magool, and about what Damian Marley learnt from playing and recording with K’naan in Bob Marley’s studio in Kingston.


Bantu Continua Uhuru Consciousness

In the summer of 2009, Soweto based group Bantu Continua Uhuru Consciousness (or simply BCUC) went on a European tour which saw them frequent the majority of open air music festivals in the…

Daby Toure

Fresh African hip hop radio shows

If you haven’t subscribed yet to the podcast of our weekly 3-hour African show on Dutch national radio (don’t worry – most interviews are in English and the music is universal), here’s a rundown of the past months. Each show can be streamed online but is also downloadable. The third hour is usually a non-stop mix by the legendary dj Threesixty who explores all angles of black music.


African hip hop radio with Madcon

October 2008 -  Steppin it up again with three new international recordings as well as a new weekly slot on Dutch national radio! Cape Verde, Angola, Tanzania and the rest of the continent…

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