Vieira, Jitsvinger & Kyle Shepherd

South African artists Jitsvinger and Kyle Shepherd join the African hip hop radio studio together with Vieira from the Netherlands (via Cape Verde). Rapper Jitsvinger, who previously released his debut album ‘Skeletsleutel’, is…


Jerusalema: Rapulana Seiphemo

In the latest episode of African Hip Hop Radio at FunX Lijn5, GMb and J4 speak to Rapulana Seiphemo, known from the movie Tsotsi and most recent as the lead character Lucky Kunene…


Emcee Africa 2 finals

In the first episode of African hip hop radio at FunX Lijn5 after the summer holiday, GMB and J4 talk to African hip hop radio host Lee Kasumba in SA who also hosted…

Dizzy K Falola

Nigerian rap: the first decade (1981 – 1991)

This month we take it back to 1980′s Nigeria, an era during which quite some local rap was recorded, often outside of the context of hip hop culture. Together with Uchenna Ikonne (Comb & Razor) we look at Nigerian rap released on vinyl records between 1981 and 1991.


Man Snipa, dj G-Town’s bongo flava, Rich Medina

Young Tanzanian reggae singer Man Sniper (also spelled Mansnipa or Mansnepa) has been working with Dutch reggae group the Rootsriders to record his first album. In November 2008 he visited the African hip…


Ali Kiba without autotune

At his young age, Ali Kiba (also spelled Alikiba or Ally Kiba) from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania has already seen much of the world. His songs, most notably the monster hit Cinderella, have…


Rich Medina & Bobbito: the Connection

Fresh off the plane, Bobbito and Rich Medina had a weekend to spend in Amsterdam on the occasion of the Hudson year celebrations between NYC and Amsterdam, for which they were invited to…


Dplanet & Spooky (Pioneer Unit), Blick Bassy

In April, South African Dplanet & Spooky from the Cape Town-based label Pioneer Unit visited the African hip hop radio studio in Amsterdam. Originally from Europe (UK and Belgium), they moved to South…


Movaizhaleine in Gabon

In June 2008, two major hip hop events were canceled in Gabon because of the sudden death of president Bongo, who had been in power for 42 years. In response to his passing,…



Fnaire is Morocco’s most popular hip hop group. They are from Marrakech and fuse traditional gnawa music with hip hop beats and raps in Arabic (Darija, the Moroccan dialect). In June they performed…

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