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Burni Aman (Godessa)

Burni Aman, best known as one-third of female rap group Godessa from South Africa, is in Europe to work on the Rogue State Alliance project. The exchange of hip hop artists from South Africa and Switzerland has already resulted in two albums and seven exchange trips. Together with mc...

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Vieira, Jitsvinger & Kyle Shepherd

South African artists Jitsvinger and Kyle Shepherd join the African hip hop radio studio together with Vieira from the Netherlands (via Cape Verde). Rapper Jitsvinger, who previously released his debut album ‘Skeletsleutel’, is known to be one of the best Afrikaans lyricists, and multi-instrumentalist Kyle Shepherd at the young...

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Jerusalema: Rapulana Seiphemo

In the latest episode of African Hip Hop Radio at FunX Lijn5, GMb and J4 speak to Rapulana Seiphemo, known from the movie Tsotsi and most recent as the lead character Lucky Kunene in Jerusalema. Rapulana visited Holland to attend the Africa in the Picture film festival, which screened...

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Emcee Africa 2 finals

In the first episode of African hip hop radio at FunX Lijn5 after the summer holiday, GMB and J4 talk to African hip hop radio host Lee Kasumba in SA who also hosted Emcee Africa 2. She talks about the results of the final round in Botswana in which...

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