Meta Dia

Senegalese singer Meta Dia grew up in Dakar listening to Gregory Isaacs, Bob Marley, James Brown and Senegalese traditional music on the radio. At a very young age he discovered his desire to…

akua naru

Akua Naru

Born Latanya Hinton and raised in New Haven (USA), Akua Naru’s journey to internationally acclaimed hip hop artist has led her from the city’s Newhallville section to Cologne, Germany where she currently resides…


Shad at Manifesto

Shad, real name Shadrach Kabango, was born in Kenya to Rwandan parents and is a bright, up-and-coming emcee from the city of London, Ontario (Canada). Early last summer our reporter Ado went to…


M.anifest: Coming to America

Based in Minneapolis, M.anifest is an mc representing Ghana, Accra whose fame spread rapidly over the past few years through his solo releases as well as his work with Krukid and collabos with…


FELA live stream & afterparty

Coming thursday (Jan 13), Tuschinsky theater in Amsterdam, Netherlands will show a live stream of the FELA musical being performed in London.If you followed the news and blogs over the past months you’ll…


Gery Mendes (GMB) – Mr Entity

You may have seen the signs already: 2011 promises to be a good year for African hip hop. While there are many exciting releases, tours and pan African collabos lined up for the…


K16 – Free Me Jor

You are bound to remember him from our article on 1980s / early 90s Nigerian rap: Mouth Mc is one-third of the late 1980s group Emphasis. The trio known together as Emphasis recorded…


Botswana’s Get Up and Go Tour to fight HIV

On the occasion of World Aids Day, the 1st of December, some of Botswana’s most popular hip hop artists joined in the Get Up and Go Tour, a campaign traveling around the country to inspire an HIV-free generation. MC/Poet Toni Blackman, the official U.S. Hip Hop Ambassador, reports from Botswana in this new series.


Ye Fre Mi Richy Pitch

If you’re familiar with UK hip hop, chances are that you own some of Richy Pitch’s albums and EPs. The London based dj/producer, who has been a regular on the UK scene since the mid 90s and who dropped classics like the Live at Home EP, moved to Accra (Ghana) in 2007. In the following two years he landed some dj gigs and recorded an entire album, ‘Ye Fre Mi Richy Pitch’, in collaboration with some of Ghana’s best contemporary artists. connected with Richy to find out more about the man & his music in ten questions.


Pics from the Park

The second edition of’s open-air festival that went down on the last saturday of July in Amsterdam featured some of the most remarkable new names on the scene including NYC’s Blitz the Ambassador who represents Ghana and the multinational super crew of Congo Groove (Fredy Massamba, Lexxus Legal and Pitcho), a couple of artists from the Netherlands and a surprise stage appearance. Check out the visuals…

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