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Radio Vaults: December 2009 – Africanhiphopradio Live Sessions

On the Dutch edition of African hip hop radio we have had an impressive number of artists phoning in and visiting the studio. The latter often impressed us with a little live session….


Radio Vaults: July 2007 – Nairobi & French session

One from the vaults: in July 2007, African hip hop radio did a special show from Nairobi, Kenya where host Buddha Blaze invited some of Kenya’s finest hip hop artists into the studio…

Army Squad photo album



Ndani ya Bongo. Kiswahili rap Keeping it Real (1998)

This article was written in 1998 by Thomas Gesthuizen (Juma4) and Peter-Jan Haas ([1]) at the time of Mr2 (2 Proud)’s first visit to Europe, for a collection of essays on music and…


Saleh J – Tanzanian pioneer

This interview was originally published in 2002 at The current overflow of Tanzanian hiphop releases doesn’t exactly remind of the situation in the early nineties. At the time there was hardly any…

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