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New Album from Poetes Fyziks

Poetes Fyziks: revolutionary Gabonese group drop new album

  Ken Kiz and Ngongull ze Blackman, the two dreadlocked emcees that make up Poetes Fyziks, are both natives of Gabon. The pair met in the early nineties as rivals in different local…

23rd Anniversary of Black Noise: B-boy Battle (SA)

Check it out. Full b-boy battle in Cape Town, hosted by legendary crew Black Noise at their 23rd Anniversary event!  

WaGeble (Senegal): Live Performance video w/ Subititles

Check out legendary senegalese hardcore hip hop crew WaGeble performing in the US. Full concert set with subtitles in english!

Hip Hop Burkinabe: Mini Doc

Nice little documentary short on the very diverse hip hop scene in Burkina Faso.


Outspoken (Zimbabwe): ‘Freedom Train’

A little freedom for your Zimbabwean independence day. Here’s a classic from the homie Outspoken.


Internationally Known vol 2: worldwide hip hop mixtape

Nomadic Wax releases the second installment of Internationally Known, the most comprehensive ongoing international hip hop mixtape series in the industry. The mixtape can be download or streamed for free from the Nomadic…

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