Keeping it real… my foot

One ought to be very careful when using the old gun HIP HOP. We need to re-define keeping it real. As the saying goes: perception is not reality. Am tired of listening and receiving below par rhythmic nonsense in the name of keeping it real. It’s about time we combated these lyrical fraudsters.


Kalamashaka back in the studio

Kenyan hip hop legens Kalamashaka are back in the studio, working with Ambrose from Mandugu Digital who recently moved back to Kenya. MC Shenzy spoke to them about their new work and breaks down their importance for the growth of Kenyan hip hop in the past decade.


Interview: 125 (Kenya)

Live with Shenzy is an urban radio show based on hip hop culture, hosted by MC Shenzy, a Nairobi, Kenya based hip hop activist. In this latest episode, MC Shenzy meets with the duo of 125.

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