Doin’ it in the Park: Gold Coast Trading Co X Africanhiphop

Imagine an Africanhiphop t-shirt designed by Gold Coast Trading Co? The brand run by Nigerian born Emeka Alams – known for his African inspired designs including the ‘Malawi’ t-shirt sported by The Very Best – has contributed this year’s edition of our Doin’ it in the Park jam with a fresh design. ‘Walaalo’ means ‘fam’ or ‘blood’ in Somali.

The t-shirt was available at our August gig in Tolhuistuin (Amsterdam). Profits go to the Backpack project by Global Somali Response, a grassroots organization distributing survival packages to refugees fleeing from Somalia to northern Kenya.
A limited run of the t-shirts (white print, black shirt) will be available online soon for international orders, so check back soon or follow @africanhiphop on Twitter.

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