DJ Gioumanne’s Afro Cosmic Club Volume 2 with extended liner notes

In 2011 we released ‘Afro Cosmic Club‘, a mix by Dj Gioumanne (aka J4, editor of which got ’nuff praise from different angles. The hour-long journey through African and African inspired music…


Say’hu – Motherland & The Other Side

Say’hu is a Gambian American rapper Emerging from Charlotte, NC. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia but raised on the smiling coast of Africa. His music stresses the issues of capitalism, poverty, and…


Blitz the Ambassador- African in New York

‘African in New York’ is a new song from Blitz The Ambassador forthcoming EP entitled The Warm Up. The song chronicles the colorful immigrant life in NYC from an African perspective from the…


The Juggernauts: Zambian hip hop explodes

The hip hop culture of Zambia, like that of many other African counties is one that is still growing and still carries influences and traits that settle among various age groups, even though…



Dikembe is the first single off Blitz the Ambassador’s forthcoming album  ”Afropolitan Dreams” which is inspired by one of NBA’s greatest defensive players. Look out for the official video in the works  and…

Mixtape dedicated to Bourba Jollof (Sen Kumpe)

[En Francais un peu plus bas] Nomadic Wax put together this little mix for OkayAfrica’s ‘Africa In Your Earbuds‘ series. Mixed by Nomadic Wax’s Creative Director Magee, this is what he wrote about…


Zimbabwe’s Synik releases 3D music video & free album Syn City

Zimbabwean hip hop heads must have been pressing F5 to refresh emcee Synik’s website over the past days, as there was a countdown going on towards the launch of his ‘Syn City’ album….


New single and video from Comrade Fatso (Zimbabwe)

From within the Zimbabwe Crisis, Comrade Fatso & Chabvondoka Launch New Single: Korokoza Zimbabwe has suffered under a decade of political violence, record-breaking inflation and an exodus of its population. At one time, Zimbabwe had…

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Free download from Angola’s MC Diamond Dog

Over the last decade, the art of serious Hip Hop lyricism and skill has steadily risen around the globe. One of the places where it has flourished is Germany, particularly Berlin. In a…

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The Super-MC project (Free Download)

“The SUPER MC is the one that can spit in more than two languages… American rappers can’t compete with that!” – Chuck D (Public Enemy) SUPER MC is a track inspired by an…

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